Friday, March 27, 2009

Needs ideas..

I am working on a card so far I have a border on the right hand side (will post pic later).

Just wondering what sites there are for 3ds, pictures etc.. so I can make a folder up??

Thanks :)


Mada said...

Hello there :)

Sorry I haven't visited in a (long) while. I'll try to be a better blogger in the future. :)

You ask for 3Ds - is it about decoupage? Where you have a sheet of pictures and you cut them and then layer them?

If that's what you're asking for, Here are some of my favourites (and for free, of course).
Then Here are some more.
You have to look on the list on the left of the page and pick your theme to see the 3D sheets.

If you have a stamp (or more) you can make your own 3D by stamping 3-4 times, colour them and then cut parts of them, and make layers. That's what I did with this red poinsettia.

If you need free background papers or various elements/embellishments, I'd recommend my favourites too :)
- Faith Sisters - free stuff
- Summertime Designs
- Shabby Princess

Of course, everything you download from these sites has to be printed out.

Hope this helps a little. If I remember other addresses/sites I'll be back to post those too. :)

Many hugs,

Sez said...

Thanks so much Mada.

I will take a look :)

And dont worry about trying to visit maybe just pop in once in a while. I'm hardly updating anyway :)



Heather "Hev" said...

Another idea is when you are on the forum look for peoples www links - mostly they are the photobuckets and lots give free 3d (decoupage) sheets etc. Sometimes you will need a password - just ask!!

Also if you have a picture or photo you really wish to 3d let me know and I can try and do it for you ok :)

Fingers crossed we can get some craft time in eventually :)

Sez said...

Thanks Heather.
If I see an image I will let you know if I need you to do something :)